Thursday, 16 March 2017

Uzalo's GC

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The introduction of Jojo, made many residents of GC's Kwamashu community -- and I don't doubt many viewers as well -- confront their own archetyping of GC. Suddenly everyone seemed shocked that GC was not just theoretically gay -- whatever that means -- but an actual human being with needs and interests. The church and choir turned against him because, apparently, coming to church with your boyfriend is creating "a spectacle."

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


The story of actively resisting and being defiant while patriarchy looms large and infects everything around you.
Vanessa Ntlapo as Bee

Meeting Beatrice "Bee" Sondlo (on JAB on SABC 1) has been a bitter exercise. She is powerful and funny and beautiful and I am glad to know her but seeing her battle to survive hasn’t been entertaining. Bee is 19 years old, a fact I forget sometimes – as easily as I forget that I myself am only just 24. Newly so.

Bee is a fighter. She fights for her home, fights to get a shot at professional boxing, fights her mother and her demons. Fights for herself as much as she fights herself.